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Service overview

Our migration service aims to ease your digital transition by moving your workloads to Google Cloud and Google Workspace platforms. Our team will support you throughout the process with a migration plan tailored to your own situation. From data management to the management of user accounts and third-party applications, we take care of everything.

We're also committed to making the process transparent and seamless. We test and validate every step to ensure seamless integration and optimized performance. Your digital assets are in safe hands!


Google Workspace migration types

Google to Google

Migration of data and applications from an existing Google environment to another Google environment

IMAP to Google

Migration from servers using IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) to Google.

Exchange to Google

Migration of data and functionality from a Microsoft Exchange server to Google.

O365 to Google

Migration of data, files and functionality from a Microsoft Office 365-based infrastructure to Google.

PST to Google

Migration of data stored locally in Personal Storage Table (PST) files to Google.

Types of infrastructure migration

VMware to GCE/GCVE

Migration of your VMware virtual machines to Google Cloud

Bare Metal to GCE

Migration of your physical servers to Google Compute Engine


Migration of your Amazon EC2 instances to Google Compute Engine

Azure VM to GCE

Migrate your Azure virtual machines to Google Compute Engine

On-Prem to Google Cloud

Migration of your on-premises data to Google Cloud, choosing the storage service best suited to your needs (Google Cloud Storage, Filestore, Persistent Disks)


Migration of your data stored in Amazon S3 to Google Cloud Storage

Azure Blob to GCS

Migration of your data stored in Azure Blob Storage to Google Cloud Storage

Types of data migration

PostgreSQL to CloudSQL

Migrating your PostgreSQL database to Cloud SQL

MySQL to CloudSQL

Migrate your MySQL database to Cloud SQL

SQL Server to Cloud SQL

Migrate your SQL Server database to Cloud SQL

AWS Aurora/RDS to CloudSQL

Migration of your AWS Aurora or RDS database to Cloud SQL, choosing the database engine of your choice (MySQL or PostgreSQL).


Deployment process

  • Initial meeting

    We'll draw up a detailed timetable including milestones, dates and solutions for migration to Google Cloud.

  • Analysis

    We'll provide you with a detailed analysis of your current environment and recommendations for a smooth migration to Google Cloud.

  • Migration

    We'll carry out the migration, taking the necessary precautions to minimize any disruption to service.

  • Follow-up

    We'll establish key performance indicators (KPIs) to assess the effectiveness of the migration.

Change management

Supporting your teams effectively

When you introduce new tools to your team, it's natural that there may be some adjustments needed. That's why it's important to support your team throughout the migration process.

Moving to the cloud also provides an opportunity to reconsider your work methods. This can lead to increased collaboration and innovation within your team. Remember, how well the transition goes often depends on how it is managed!

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