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Chrome OS

Secure operating system for your business
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Protecting your staff and your profitability with ChromeOS

ChromeOS is a secure operating system that protects your staff from security breaches and your bottom line from costly attacks. 

No ransomware attacks have ever been reported.

Fast deployment of ChromeOS

Ultra-fast deployment of ChromeOS, from the same Google Workspace console for teams of all sizes, and the ability for your staff to easily manage your fleet of devices from anywhere.

Deployment 63% faster than other operating systems.

Reference: The Business Value of ChromeOS

State-of-the-art devices powered by ChromeOS

Cutting-edge devices that reduce costs, improve your profitability and help the planet by reducing your organization’s carbon footprint and minimizing e-waste with ChromeOS.

Active threat protection with ChromeOS

No need for anti-virus software: ChromeOS active threat protection fights external attacks and employee negligence. The read-only operating system, verified booting and blocked executables eliminate the need for third-party antivirus software.

Granular and flexible ChromeOS controls

IT can approve or block applications and extensions, remotely disable or wipe lost or stolen devices, and manage advanced security controls to protect your fleet with ChromeOS.

Continuous, automatic updates with ChromeOS

Frequent updates are performed automatically in the background for continuous protection against the latest threats. You can also schedule the deployment of updates to your Google Workspace console with ChromeOS.

Customized data leakage protection with ChromeOS

Set up automatic data leakage protection, customized according to format (cut-and-paste, screenshots), source (business-critical sites), destination (such as social media or personal e-mail) or user (specific groups of employees) with ChromeOS.

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